Jennifer is an award-winning multimedia graphic designer specializing in graphic design, photography, illustration, and education. She graduated with honors in Multimedia Graphic Design and received multiple illustration certificates. She was nominated for the 2022 AAF Colorado Icon Illustrator of the Year award. Jennifer works for the University of Kansas as a graphic designer. She is working on illustrations for a children's book and doing schoolwork for a graduate degree in graphic design.
Volunteer Work
Board Member for AIGA Colorado Springs
Board Member for AAF Colorado
AAF National Judge for the American Advertising Awards
Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance Portfolio Reviewer
Pike Peak State College Multimedia Graphic Design Advisory Board Member
Warrior Mission Ranch-Photographer
The Springs Echo-Photographer
My Story
In 2016, I was going through a divorce, fighting brain cancer, and being there for my parents, who also had cancer, all while raising twins by myself and attending school full time. My neurosurgeon at the time said I would need to have a brain resection to remove as much of the tumor as we could. He gave me a long list of bad things that could happen. Right then, I knew I needed to keep my mind active and learn something new. 
I walked into Pikes Peak State College and talked with the counselor about my future and how best to use my previous degree credits to go towards a new degree to get a job to support my kids with a certificate or another degree. After learning I knew photoshop, the counselor told me about the Multimedia Graphic Design Program. I registered for my first semester, and after my first class, I was where I needed to be. I always knew I was creative, but it wasn't until the first illustration class that I even knew I could draw. I learned all the new programs and ended up with an associate's degree and Certificates in Multimedia Graphic Design. 
Fast forward to now...I am a graphic designer at a major university's research center. I have won awards in design and illustration and serve my community on several boards. I know brain cancer is scary, but it gave me purpose in life. It made me stronger and very grateful for how far I have come since then. 
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